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We represent BAERLOCHER INDIA ADDITIVES PVT. LTD., a German base MNC having their manufacturing facilities at Dewas ( M.P.) in India. With manufacturing facilities in 14 countries & their global presence makes them world leaders in the field of ADDITIVES in terms of technology, innovation, quality consistency and services.

We as their C & F agents in Gujarat supply quality products from ready stocks maintained in our godowns at Ahmedabad. The products are designed as per the Indian market requirements and applications, economical as well as best quality. The products are available in a wide variety of formulations and forms - flakes & powder, lubricated & non-lubricated.

Lead Commodity Stabilizers :

Tri Basic Lead Sulphate( T B L S)
Di Basic Lead Sulphate(D B L S)
Liquid Lead for PVC fittings - grades PV 3510 & PV 3500
Lead Co-precipitate(L.S)
Calcium Co-precipitate(C.S)
Di Basic Lead Phthalate(D B LPh)

Lead One Pack Stabilizers

One Pack Stabilizers - Non Lubricated & Lubricated grades perfectly balanced with internal & external lubricants, working at very low dosages in ISI & Commercial

formulations for Rigid PVC Pipes, Casing - Caping, Column Pipes, Conduit Pipes, PVC Profiles & Sections, Wire & Cable Compounds, etc.

Liquid Mixed Metal Stabilizers

High quality Cadium and Cadmium free ( heavy metal free) stabilizers for PVC Plastisol Coatings giving uniform foaming and cell structure for mid coat, maximum gloss on top coat and for high speed lines.

Liquid stabilizers & Kickers for PVC Calendering giving minimal plate - out, best clarity and maximum stability. Liquid stabilizer for Flexible Films, Suction Pipes, Hoses, Flex films, etc.

Calcium Zinc based Stabilizers

Lead Free Stabilizers for Cables, Wires, Consumer Durables, Rigid PVC Pipes, etc. The newly introduced Calcium Zinc based - Twin Pack system for Super White ASTM Pipes. The conventional one pack systems of Calcium Zinc had certain disadvantages

like shorter shelf life, yellowing after storage, off white PVC pipes, etc. which have been overcome by the above technology. Using the Twin Pack System gives better whiteness and dosages of Titanium Dioxide can be reduced.

Metallic Stearates

Zinc Stearate & Calcium Stearate are derivatives of stearic acid and function as acid scavengers, lubricants, mould release agents, extenders and water repellent agents due to their unique chemical structure and characteristics of having a metal and organic fatty acid component.

Their unique properties are highly valued by various industries including plastics, paints, EVA, master batches, compounding, rubber, coating, cosmetics, toiletries, pharmaceutical and food industries. They exhibit excellent lubricating and dispersing properties, stabilizing, hydrophobic and foam inhibiting effects.

They are commonly used for their lubricating and stabilizing effects in a wide range of the thermoplastics. In cosmetics, toiletries and pharmaceutical industries their hydrophobic properties help to prevent cosmetics and pharmaceutical products from absorbing moisture, which will result in agglomeration.

Methyl Tin Stabilizer

Methyl Tin Mercaptide grade MTS 1100 is being imported from Baerlocher, Malaysia.
With tin content 19% min. grade meets the composition and purity requirements of European regulations as stabilizer.

Good transparency, better performance effect to long term heat stability with smaller dosages, remarkably low carbonization in extrusion, better weather ability, good initial colour and colour hold properties makes it the most effective heat stabillizer for the processing of PVC.

It is most suitable for clear, Non - Toxic applications in Food Wrap, Rigid & Flexible PVC Films, Bottles, Surgical Compounding and tubing, Pipes, Fittings, Calendaring, Extruded & Moulded PVC products.

Lubricant One Packs
Baerolub range of One packs are a combination of Internal & External Lubricants.
Baerlolub 20 for Rigid PVC Pipes & Fittings.
Baerlolub 40 for CPVC compounds.