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We represent LIBERTY CHEMICALS, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, a leading manufacturer and exporter of Polymer Additives with a state of art manufacturing facility in Mumbai. These include Lubricants, Functional Additives, Processing Aids, Pigment Wetting Agents, Synthetic Waxes,etc.

Antistatic Agents:

Help to prevent the build up static electric charge. Some of the consequences of charge build up includes dust pick-up on finished articles, poor printability and
handling problems.

Antiblocking Agents:

Additives added to film resin formulation create a micro-rough surface that reduces the adhesion between the film layers. Consequently blocking force is lowered.

Processing Aid:

Multifunctional additives to enhance flow and to improve dispersion of fillers in processing filled polymer.

Dispersing Agent:

Main Funtion of dispersing agent is to wet the agglomerated pigment as effectively
as possible to give excellent color strength.

Mould Release Agent:

Additive reduces friction and adhesion forces between Polymer and Processing equipment for better Mould Release during Moulding.

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